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Teacher Duty and Liability

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Duty is a huge part of looking at a situation to decide if someone has liability for an injury or whether someone has been negligent. What is the duty of a teacher regarding student work? Do you think this is a legal duty that the teacher has? What is the duty called?


The teacher must be responsible for every event that happens in the classroom and also must be liable to take necessary actions to find a resolution. If a student faces some difficulties, the teacher should take necessary actions to solve the difficulties and make the student confident and secure. It is the duty of the teacher to save the student without hurt. For instance, if the student is hurt by a bee in the classroom, the teacher must take necessary steps to save the student from pain and fear. If the condition of the student gets worse it is the duty of the teacher to save the student at any cost. Most often, the first aids such as scrap off the stinger with finger nail, wash with soap and water and implement of cold packs are very effective for a student who is injured by bee. There is a possibility of allergic reactions such as breathing or swallowing difficulty to the student, which requires emergency medical attention. It is the duty of the teacher to "encourage and model a caring attitude, promote positive Inter-personal relationships, and communicate effectively with students and others" (Professional evaluation program for teachers (pep-T) duties of a teacher, n.d., p.2). According to this duty, the teacher is responsible to the student who is stung by bee, to give proper first aids to protect the student from harm. If I happen to know about these duties I will surely change my attitude and will concentrate more for caring the students at any cost.

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Teacher Duty and Liability issues are discussed.

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First of all, as you look at how duty in general is an integral part of a teacher's task everyday, I strongly feel that we as educators must ensure that we are physically present in all facets of a school day, both inside and outside the classroom, as a pivotal part of our inherent roles as educators.

For example, physical duty, to me, means ...

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