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Ethical Dilemma in Education

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Imagine that you are on a spelunking expedition. You have entered a cave and traveled
deeper into the caverns for several hours. The group has entered a small room with only
one entrance, the one used to enter the cavern. The entire group except for the leader has
entered. As the leader crawls through the entrance, a cave-in occurs. The way out is blocked
by her body, which is covered with tons of rubble. She is alive, determined by a pulse in her
wrist, which is sticking out of the rubble. It isn't possible to assess the degree of injury (for
example, broken neck, internal injuries, and so forth) and moving her may cause more serious
injury or death. Time passes, and no help has arrived. Further, the air in the small room
is getting stale, and there is less oxygen to breathe. Would you remove her body, by any
means possible, and, in the process, sacrifice her life in order to exit the cavern? Would you
decide not to do anything to cause further injury or possibly death?

Make a choice about what you would do in the situation based on deontological (means-based) or teleological (end-based) theories. What are the merits of each theory? Which approach did you use to make your decision and why?

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