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Disturbances in Equilibrium Generate Dissonance in Behavior

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What can cause instability and dissonance in human behavior? How do disturbances in equilibrium generate opportunities for learning? What is the role of instructional designers and teachers in generating discomfort in students that will lead to an opening of the mind and access to the process that Piaget called "equilibration"? How do instructional designers and teachers incorporate methods in courses that promote "equilibration"?

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Each day dissonance plays a vital role in human behavior that either inspires towards something or it sharply conflicts with what has been imparted gradually over years. This is an uncomfortable position for human behavior creating instability. An individual is torn between ideas and principles; creating a contradiction. The general human behavioral equilibrium is lost when a contradiction arise.

The role of the instructional designer and teacher in generating discomforts in students creates a process called ...

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The role of instructional designers and teachers generate discomfort in students. This process leads to an opening of the mind and access to an approach that Piaget called equilibration. Here the expert explains the causes for instability and dissonance in human behavior. In addition, the expert incorporates Piaget's method that promotes equilibration.

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