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    Chart of Nuclides

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    I have written a one page description of nuclear chart..need to make it rearranged and nice according to the question given...I have also given the references that I used..you can use them or find others..it should become pilgrims free...thanks

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    The nuclear chart is plot of nuclides arranged with their atomic numbers along the vertical axis and their neutron number along the horizontal axis. The nuclear chart is user-friendly, shows information such as masses, relative abundances, half-lives, neutron cross sections, and decay properties for about 3,100 nuclides and 580 isomers. The nuclear chart uses color coding to highlight half-lives and neutron absorption properties. The nuclear chart gives in an easy to understand manner, the key nuclear properties of every known stable and radioactive form of element. The chart is two dimensional, and every point plotted on the graph ...

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