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    Class Participation

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    Please help, have to write a paper about a teacher who like for his students to participate in class discussion. there is a problem one child is shy, one doesn't speak English very good and another child stutters real bad I need some suggestions on how to get these students to participate in class and how do you grade students that do not participate in class.

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    Getting all students to participate is always a challenge (especially for a new teacher). If students are shy, the thing not to do is call on them (or victimize them) when asking questions. This will embarrass them even more, make them feel poorly about themselves, and make them not want to participate even more.

    One thing to do to encourage participate is to make it part of their grade. Make it so that each student must ask a question or participate at least 3 times (or ...

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    This answer provides advice on how to get all students to participate more in class discussions.