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Individual Psychology and Psychoanalysis

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After viewing the Case with Stan and Lecturettes from the Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Therapy perspectives, write a response discussing the counselor's use of these therapies in the sessions with Stan. Conclude with how the usage of these therapies will be purposeful in your counseling. Consider who, when, where and how you might use these therapies.

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The psychoanalytic approach (fathered by Sigmund Freud) is one that, which considered the core of most of the modern approaches, is not widely used in its formal, historical form. Freud believed that most problems in adulthood can be traced back to a failure to complete development in an area of childhood (or "fixating" at one specific stage). He believed that a person's psyche was made up of three components, the id (the most fundamental, unconscious and instinctual desires), the superego (the moralizing part of a person's psyche), and the ego (the part of the psyche trying to balance the previous two). In becoming a well-rounded individual, one would have to navigate the different psychosexual developmental stages, defined by their erogenous zones, outlined by Freud, emerging on the other side with a healthy ego stemming from a balance between the id and superego. The stages of psychosexual development include the oral stage in which a person is fixated on the mouth as his erogenous zone. Failure to successfully navigate through this zone would lead to oral issues such as nail-biting, smoking, etc. The second stage is the anal stage with ...

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Individual Psychology and Psychoanalysis

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