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    Sharing between intrastate education institutions

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    It appears that many of the databases and e-services are not exactly streamlined, or linked to one another in any way as SIF software is. Am I correct in that assumption? For instance, it would be very convenient for the Marion County Florida Public Schools Employment services and/or the School district HR websites to be linked with Florida State's department of Public Instruction Certification, making it necessary for a teacher to only enter the plethora of personal and professional information only once. Do you agree, or does this seem somewhat unsafe or perhaps do you think it gives too much personal information to institutions whom do not necessarily need it?

    Please provide a reference.

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    SIF, overall seems to be a good way of communicating data. However, while there seems to be very, very, little (if any) data on the data-sharing between educational departments on an intrastate level, it does seem to be happening ...

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    An expert provides referenced answers concerning the question of should there be a fairly streamlined and or connected level of standard communication between department of education/licensing and local school districts or is this unfair and unsafe?