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    Scaffolding for a Diverse Population

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    What is scaffolding, is it considered a quick fix or a long term solution when used in diverse populations?

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    Scaffolding means the learning process is designed to promote a deeper level of learning. This is support given to students from different backgrounds which is tailored to their needs. Scaffolding means that different types of support are provided to students when skills and concepts are explained to students. In Scaffolding the support provided includes templates, guides, additional resources, extra guidance in development of cognitive and social skills. In the context of diversity those children from weaker backgrounds or socially backward classes are given special advise, guidance, and coaching. Scaffolding for diverse students means ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of scaffolding in instruction and its implications in a diverse population. The expert explains what a scaffolding is. The expert determines if a scaffolding is a quick fix or a long term solution for diverse populations. The response also contains the sources used.