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Academic Writing: Invention and Organization

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Invention and Organization


Look up and read the following article in the EBSCOhost Database:

Step-by-step through the writing process. (2007). Writing, 30. 1-8.

Read and respond to each of the following writing prompts and submit them as a single document.

Topic Search

Think of problems and issues that are occurring in your home, neighborhood, or workplace. Think of your paper as a "call to action" (you may want to take a moment to look at the criteria for your last essay).

What issue or problem are you experiencing at home, work, or in your neighborhood that you feel strongly about?

What is your view on the issue? What is the opposing view?

Will a new policy, procedure, or law fix the issue?

Share all of the reasons you can think of for why your problem needs to be fixed.

Keep in mind that this is a basic outline. Once you have your statements in place and a logical flow to your supporting evidence, you will need to work in transitional phrases, and research.

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The following information is intended to successfully coach you through successful completion of your assignment. The prompts represent the basic writing process, which is why you are not being asked to research literature and cite sources. Your instructor wants you to write your thoughts in journal form. Many times instructors ask that you submit this as a "journal," and they don't grade it for grammar, or APA format.

The journal is a tool for self-reflection, which is an intricate part of professional development for teachers. Teachers are called to continually examine and improve their teaching practice. You will be asked to do such exercises throughout your teaching career. Self-awareness means being able to express what you are thinking and feeling at any given time, so that you can be more effective and objective in your decision making. This is the purpose of your journal. Your instructor expresses it as "freewriting," but you can also think of it as just writing whatever ...

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The following information is intended to successfully coach you through the basic academic writing process, including content organization (outline) and invention.

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