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Problem Prevention Plan

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The Problem Prevention Plan will help you use your knowledge of effective classroom management. Develop a 250-500-word document that explains your plans for the week as if it were for the first week of school. Choose a grade, and create classroom rules reflecting best practices in classroom management. Keep in mind that this information will be useful in developing your personal customized learning theory for the final paper of the course.
Describe who would be involved in making the rules. If the rules are stated in a particular way, state why as well as your reasoning for including each rule. Be sure to include why these rules are best for the grade you chose.
Your Problem Prevention Plan should be in APA format, including a cover page, reference page, introduction, and conclusion.

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A problem prevention plan is to help teachers develop a plan which will help to alleviate potential problems in the classroom. The first week of school is essential to get the child in the routine of the classroom environment, depending on the age of the students, this will vary greatly. For example, it may be difficult for preschoolers to adjust to the new routine of going to school and may need an adjustment period. A young child goes through many changes when beginning school, there is a separation from caregiver issue, learning a new schedule or routine, meeting new people, and learning new boundaries.

On the first day of school it can be helpful to have a welcome activity. This helps to get to know the students and allow the students to become acquainted with teachers and other students.

To aid in learning the boundaries, it is helpful to create a list of classroom rules. When creating this list, it is better for the children to assist in determining what the rules should be. The reason behind this is because if the child helps to create the rules, they are more likely to follow them. For young ...

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Discusses how to help in creating a problem prevention plan for the first week of school for preschoolers.

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