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    Positive Classroom Environment

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    How can an educator build a relationship with a group of students while ensuring that the classroom is physically and culturally inviting so that the students will receive an engaging and positive learning experience?

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    There are several techniques for building a positive classroom environment. First,
    students who are allowed to work in group settings often receive more from the lessons
    by sharing then from hearing by lecture just from the instructor. The students are
    expected to come prepared and to have information they can share in groups and then
    report to the larger group. When doing this type of method, it is important that they share
    the responsibilities or take turns when reporting. This keeps the ones who are more likely
    to dominate the conversation from being heard repeatedly and letting those who are more
    timid ...

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    This solution discusses strategies that an educator can employ to build a relationship with their students and ensure that the classroom environment is physically and culturally inviting, promoting an engaging and positive learning experience for all students.