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debate on President Bush's Tax Proposal Plan

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A. Is it unethical to use an employee as a puppet to make money with out their consent? What are your thoughts on Adam Smith's principle of the Invisible Hand? Each firm (individual) in society acts in such a way as to maximize his own gain, the function of the free market will assure, as a result, the maximum possible benefit to society as a whole. Ultimately businesses are making money will lead to lower prices. Can you please respond with your thoughts on Ethics vs profits debate so that I can better understand.

B. Can you please help me understand the debate on President Bush's Tax Proposal Plan (good and bad)?

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President Bush's Tax Proposal Plan is explicated.

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a) THis a difficult question because you do not specify the extent of which the employer uses the employee as a puppet to make money without their consent. Now you have to remember that the main purpose of business is to maximize profit. To do so you have to ensure that you are producing goods/services efficiently and effectively--thus ensuring your employees are diligent. Now we know production leads to sales and revenue so in this scanerio no it is not unethical to use the employee as a "puppet" to make money. Now it is unethical to use the ideas of your employees for marketing purposes or to promote your product without their consent. Basically, for other than those employees in production it is unethiccal to use them as a puppet without their consent o make money.
<br>Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Theory
<br>There is a benevolent deity who administers the world in such a way as to maximize human happiness. In order to do this he has created humans with a nature that leads them to act in a certain way.
<br>The world as we know it is pretty much perfect, and everyone is about equally happy. In particular, the rich are no happier than the poor. Although this means we should all be happy with our lot in life, our nature (which, remember, was created by God for the purpose of maximizing happiness) leads us to think that we would be happier if we were wealthier. This is a good thing, because it leads us to struggle to become wealthier, thus increasing the sum total of human happiness via the mechanisms of exchange and division of labor.
<br>Invisible Hand Theory and It's Impact Today
<br>The system in which the invisible hand is most often assumed to work is the free market. Adam Smith assumed that consumers choose for the lowest price, and that entrepreneurs choose for the highest rate of profit. He asserted that by thus making their excess or insufficient demand known through market prices, consumers "directed" entrepreneurs' investment money to the most profitable industry. Remember that this is the industry ...

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