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The Impact of an Uninsured Population

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? Staffing levels, particularly skilled nursing and other health professionals.
There are primarily three levels of staffing at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton, the top level is the 'Leadership" level. The second is the Physician Level and the third is the nursing levels.
In the Hospital Administration level are the Chief Executive Officer (Stan Morton), the Chief Operating Office (Jeff Reecer), the Chief Nursing Officer ( S. Dingman) and The Chief Financial Officer(David Meltzer).The Hospital administration sets up the efficient systems and controls of Presbyterian Hospital of Denton, ensures that necessary suppliers are available at hand, adequate equipment is present, the facilities are in top condition and the employees are well trained. . Stan Morton reports to the governing board and gives leadership in executing the strategic goals and decisions decided upon by the Board. Stan Morton also represents the Hospital to the Denton community. Stan Morton delegates administrative work and clinical duties to different individuals and teams.
The second level is that medical staff. There are three officers namely the chief of staff, vice chief of staff and the past chief of staff. Then there is a group of physicians. There are eleven physicians in the Leadership team at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton. Every physician at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton is a leader of the clinical team and is working on behalf of the patient. The physician's responsibility is to diagnose the patients' condition and prescribe the most effective treatment plan. The physicians at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton are a well organized unit of physicians in the hospital.
The third level at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton is the level of nursing leadership group(Presbyterian Hospital of Denton 2008),. Each member of the group is responsible for the execution of the treatment plant prescribed by the doctors. Nursing ...

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