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Fill in the blank and general questions

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General Chemistry Concepts

Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions:

1. "Energy can be converted to one form or another, but cannot be created or destroyed." This the theory of:
- Calorimetry
- Electromagnetic radiation
- Quantum numbers
- Thermodynamics

2. Generally, ionization tends to decrease as you move toward the _____ on the periodic table.
- Outer edges
- Center
- Bottom
- Right

3. Of the electrons orbits listed below, which would be filled first?
- 3d
- 3p
- 4s
- 4d

4. According to the first law of thermodynamics:
- Energy is neither lost nor gained in any energy transformations.
- Perpetual motion is possible.
- Energy is conserved in quantity, but not in quality.
- Energy is being created as time passes. We have more energy in the universe now than when time began.

5. An example molecule which demonstrates an incomplete octet is
- NF3
- BeF2
- CS2
- CO2

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