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    Individual contributions : cross-functional team

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    Discuss the individual contributions that could be made by a cross-functional team to the following list of activities. Assume the team consists of engineering, manufacturing, and supply management personnel.

    a. Specifications Development
    b. Market Analysis
    c. Productivity/cost improvements
    d. Make or buy analysis
    e. Determination of inventory levels

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    Step 1

    In specifications development, the engineering personnel can contribute the technical details. For example, if steel is to be purchased the engineering personnel will contribute the quality and the grade of steel that may be purchased. The manufacturing personnel can give the dimensions of the raw materials that have to be purchased. For example, the manufacturing personnel will provide the size of the steel and iron bars that are to be bought. The supply management personnel will provide information where the raw materials will be available. He will name the vendor who will be able to supply the steel/ iron bars of the quality required.

    Step 2

    The engineering personnel will contribute his knowledge of the best quality and features that can be included ...

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