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    I need 350 words analyzing the current market conditions of disney theme parks. Three areas I need are 1. competitors 2. supply and demand analysis 3. impact of goverment regulations.

    I also need 350 words describing market trends with disney theme parks. I need to adress how each of the following will change, not change , and why; 1. competitors 2. supply and demand analysis 3. impact of government regulations.
    Thank you for any help that can be provided.

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    // In the following paper, the world's famous and the one of its kind Disney theme park would be discussed. The discussion would proceed by making an analysis of the current market situation of the theme park and subsequently its competitors, and supply and demand. The government regulations laying an impact and the market trends on the same would also be elaborated.//

    The Disney theme park is a segment of the Walt Disney Company which was brought into existence by Walt Disney on 17th July, 1955. The fundamental focus of the theme parks to be developed was to utilize the best opportunity of the land development (Ruchelman, 2006). These parks too possess an encouraging mission of the planning, expanding and managing real estate. The theme parks of Disney bid for an amazing paradigm, and hence, today represent a model for the tourist industry (Rojek & Urry, 1997). The theme parks today are known as Adventure land, Fantasyland, Mickey's Toon Town and apart from theming; these also provide educational experience to the tourists.

    // In the following part of the paper, we now try to emphasize on the competitors of the Disney theme park. This in turn would further assist us in the next two parts of the paper. //

    The Walt Disney theme parks face a tough competition from the Florida's theme parks, which include the Universal Orlando; the Sea World Orlando; the MGM Studios Park of Seoul, South Korea; the Dubailand's Universal Studios; the Marvel Studios Theme Parks of Dubai; the Busch Gardens amusement park at the US and Dubai, owned and operated by the Sea World Parks and Entertainment; the Cedar Rapids Museum of Arts and the Paramount Theatre situated in Lowa, the second largest city of the US; the Six Flags amusement park of New York; and the Universal Studios of Singapore. The Walt Disney theme parks are supposed to have a fierce competition from all the above mentioned parks in the near future. But at the same time, this international expansion of the Disney theme park has not been successful because of several factors like cultural divergence, recession, and creation of wrong ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1320 words with references.