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Diversity Training

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Diversity Training

As the new manager of human resources (HR), you are now targeted at making your workforce more aware of current racial diversity issues (e.g., the dramatic increase in the Hispanic percentage of the workforce and how to reduce the potential tensions in the workplace among employees of different race.

discuss the following:

Different races now or likely to be in the workforce of the future, based on the U.S. populations racial demographic changes
Particular issues with conflicting values, which create tensions among the different groups
A list of appropriate and inappropriate ways to address issues among employees of different races

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See page 20 of CRS Report for Congress (http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL32701.pdf) for a detailed analysis of how the racial demographics of the US are projected to change. Those considered white will decline as a percentage of total population from about 80 percent today to 72 percent in 2050. Other racial groups will of course be increasing at the same time. However, Hispanics are considered white in this general analysis. For specifics on how Hispanic portion of the white population changes, see page 22. There you will see that it is projected to double to almost a quarter of the population by 2050. Race itself is an artificial construct, which is why Hispanics are white by some definitions. It is culture rather than racial appearance that makes Hispanics unique, and many of them do not look at all different from Anglos.

As the US becomes more diverse racially people will become more accepting of those who are of other races. That is, people will not tend to be prejudiced against others based on their appearances. Race will have less and less meaning as those with a mixed racial backgrounds become common. In fact, some have suggested that the US Census no longer ask questions about race, deeming it a meaningless statistic. By 2050, we may well stop thinking of people in terms of race. However, culture is a more difficult to dispense ...

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Effectiveness of diversity training as a tool to mitigate racial tension in the workplace.