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    Nike and the company's use of Supply Chain Management

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    What are the main costs of production for the good or service your organization supplies? Breakdown the costs from the largest to the smallest.

    Does your organization use supply chain management at all? Why or why not?

    What steps could your organization take to lower its costs in the long run and increase its productive capacity?

    Discuss the production possibility frontier in the context of your organization.

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    Nike: I assume Nike is your organization? There is not a lot of information you have provided explaining what is required. Based on the statements in your problem, you might think about the following aspects. I assume you have to put a paper together explaining the different variables in the questions/statements of your problem.

    1. Main costs of production: Some of the main costs of production would be Research and Development as well as some of hte newer products associated with innovative products. I would recommend you download an annual report from Nike that may give you more specific details of some of the new products they are in the process of inventing. By looking at the annual report and other financial data to see if you can get cost breakdown. The Form 10-K is full of great information that will help ...

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    All companies use Supply Chain Management (SCM) to effectively run their company. The larger the company, the more SCM principles are required. The assistance here provides the student with some real-world scenarios to think about in regard to Nike and the way that global company deals with SCM.