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Culture issues at workplace

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An Indian (from India) woman you recently recruited heavily and won to your company has come to you with a problem. Brought in as an engineering design manager in new products development, she has education and experience you have been unable to find other places, and you very much need to keep her in your group. She states her problem as follows: "I cannot work with your people. The men will not follow my directions, and they openly refuse to run in the status reports I have asked for. This is a "cowboy culture" here; they all work until 7pm and on weekends and criticize anyone who does not. They hold meetings that I did not call and don't attend the ones I do call." She further stated that she felt uncomfortable with everyone, that they were too familiar and didn't show her proper respect in her position. Threatening to quit, she has come to you for a solution.
1. What are the issues in this problem? Which ones are culturally related?
2. What do you think the other employees (mostly male American-born) would say about her?
3. Cite any legal or ethical problems that may exist in this situation.
4. What is the best solution in this case?

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What are the issues in this problem? Which ones are culturally related?

The primary issue is that the other employees are not giving her due respect and not taking her orders, primarily due to the fact that she is a woman and that too from a foreign country, ie, India. Further, there are conflicts in the working style of this woman as well as other employees.

The ones that are culturally related are those associated ...

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Culture issues at workplace

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