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    Managing Energy Sources

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    ***Please read the attached file for the organization information that i need to do write the proposal for!

    The project proposal is the first deliverable of the Module Project. Be sure to incorporate the topics below in your proposed project proposal:

    • Identify background information of why you chose the particular organisation as it relates to your understanding of managing energy sources
    • Recommend an energy monitoring programme for all facilities within the selected organisation
    • Evaluate the potential for benchmarking of energy conserving measures in the respective organisation that might be relevant
    • Provide references to similar companies within a similar geographic location for reference

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    Background Information

    Globalization has created immense opportunities for businesses to seek growth opportunities in other nations other than theirs. Majority of businesses can afford to establish their operations by building their manufacturing plants to save costs of producing their products in foreign nations they have decided to operate. Acknowledging that most manufacturing firms use electricity energy source to produce their goods, it constitute a huge costs by decreasing the organizations' bottom lines (profits). In addition, use of electricity energy source releases carbon dioxide (dangerous air emission) into the air, has to be absorbed by other means such as the sea (reduces water supply), crops (disrupts their growth patterns, reduces yields which ultimately increases prices of food), and human inhalation that can lead to cancer, blindness and birth defects, etc. (Conserver Energy, 2015, p. 1). It would be a cost-saving measure for an organization to seek alternate electricity energy source that will cost less, avert air pollution and create clean air living for the community it operates.

    Yundai Forging organization is of particular interest because it uses intense electricity energy of up to 21000 F to induce high-speed heat to manufacture its diversified forged and non-ferrous metal products (track chain groups for excavators and tractors; roller groups such as shafts, seals, collars and bushings; crank shafts and connecting rods, etc.) in its one manufacturing plant in Finland, two manufacturing plants in South Korea, one manufacturing plant in Malaysia, and one manufacturing plant in India. ...

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    The expert identifies the background information for why you would chose a particular organization as it relations to the understanding of managing energy sources.