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    CEMEX Patrimonio Hoy: Case Study

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    To provide a summary report of the case study attached and shall include the following sections
    Section 1 - Description of the business, this section describes the major features of the case
    Section 2 - Business Model, this section describes how the business works and how it was implemented
    Section 3 - Potential Business Impact, this section explains the potential impact of the business on the operations and resources of the sponsor company
    Section 4 - Potential Economic Development Impact, this section explains the potential impact of the business on the economic development problems or issues it seeks to address. Discussion should be supported by data and facts.
    Section 5- Key success factors, identifies and explains the key success factors. The discussion of the key success factors should be based on the nature of the business activity and features of the business model.

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    Step 1
    The case describes the collaboration between Partimonio Hoy or Patrimony Today and Business Call to Action to provide low cost housing in Mexico. PH is a subsidiary of CEMEX the Mexican cement maker. PH seeks to create a market based solution to meet the housing needs of low-income families in urban and semi-urban areas in order to empower them. It intends to provide low income families in Mexico with affordable housing. PH also intends to replicate the model in other developing countries. Specifically PH provides technical assistance, finance, organization of construction materials, and construction services to it customers. The reality is that Mexico faces a high level of housing deficit and this deficit is growing. For PH this is a growing demand for cement and construction services. PH not only addresses the housing of people but also helps tackle the poverty of its participants. it works with local distributors of construction materials and hires community based promoters. It works to promote gender equality, increase business volume, and creates employment.

    Step 2
    The business model is that a customer signs up and receives an integral housing solution that has ...

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