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    MBA Education, Developing Technologies and Globalization

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    - In earning a MBA in Technology Management degree, what do you think is the motivation, to become better at IT-TM or to understand how businesses make decisions?

    - How will courses in finance, marketing, operations, etc. help a person with an MBA-TM degree in his/her career?

    - Do all technologically advanced companies originate in the developed world, or can developed world companies learn valuable lessons from abroad?

    - See the attached case on Cemex.
    - How does it use technology to enhance its business? What 'methods' of globalization does it use around the world?
    - What is the company up to 'since 2002', find 2 or 3 'deals'. What did it do in Australia in 2006?

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    Cemex's Foreign Acquisitions

    In little more than a decade, Mexico's largest cement manufacturer, Cemex, has transformed itself from a primarily Mexican operation into the third largest cement company in the world behind Holderbank of Switzer-land and Lafarge Group of France. Cemex has long been a powerhouse in Mexico and currently controls more than 60 percent of the market for cement in that country. Cemex's domestic success has been based in large part on an obsession with efficient manufacturing and a focus on customer service that is second to none in the industry.

    Cemex is a leader in using information technology to match production with consumer demand. The company sells ready mixed cement that can survive for only about 90 minutes before solidifying, so precise delivery is important. But Cemex can never predict with total certainty what demand will be on any given day, week, or month. To better manage unpredictable demand patterns, Cemex developed a system of seamless information technology, including truck-mounted global positioning systems, radio transmitters, satellites, and computer hardware, that allows Cemex to control the production and distribution of cement like no other company can, responding quickly to unanticipated changes in demand and reducing waste. The results are lower costs and superior customer service, both differentiating factors for Cemex.

    The company also pays lavish attention to its distributors?some 5,000 in Mexico alone?who can earn points toward rewards for hitting sales targets. Those points can then be converted into Cemex stock. High-volume distributors can purchase trucks and other supplies through Cemex at significant discounts. Cemex also is known for its marketing drives that focus on end ...

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    The solution discusses how a course in finance, marketing and operations can help a person with an MBA-TM degree and his/her career.