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Prevention of Illegal Copying of Music Files

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Discuss and post your responses to the statement regarding the best solution for preventing someone from making illegal copies of music files. Do you concur that the best solution currently available is for the courts to enforce property rights and for the recording companies to pursue illegal music file sharers and hit them with large penalties? On the contrary, would you rather see a tax placed on MP3 players where the tax revenues may be distributed to the music performers and recording companies? What other proposals would you recommend in resolving this free-rider problem? Is it resolvable? Justify your statements

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The issue of music piracy is quite complex and involves much more than simple economics. It has turned into a social issue as well. For well over a decade, legislators and music companies alike have attempted to levy harsh penalties on services that provide free downloading, in addition to consumers that frequent such sites. Little progress, however, has been made on this front. In fact, some would suggest that even more people download today than ever before owed to the publicity provided unwittingly by music companies try to root out the problem. I do not feel that ...

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The prevention of illegal copying of music files are determined.

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