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United States and Canada Similarities

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Globalization is merging many regions together and homogenizing them on economic and cultural traits. Many locations strive for unique, recognizable scalar identities while also globalizing. This can be seen in border areas around the world. The border between US and Canada is a good example of a location striving for both uniqueness and integration. What are some processes and examples between US and Canada that reveal the dual quality of their partnership, i.e., explain and demonstrate how the US and Canada are becoming similar while also working to remain different along cultural, political, or economic lines?

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This solution explains similarities and differences between US and Canada. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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There are some processes between US and Canada that reveal the dual quality of their partnership. The most important comparison is between the economies of Canada and the United States. According to 2011 figures the GDP of Canada was $1.6 trillion whereas the US was $14.76 trillion. That is the USA had 9.2 times greater GDP. The GDP per capita was $47,567 USD in Canada whereas it was $47,106 in the US. The GDP growth rate was 3.1% in Canada whereas it was 2.9% in the US. In Canada, the total tax and non-tax revenue for government equal 38.4% of GDP when compared to the US rate of 28.2%. Both the ...

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