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    Disadvantages to living in cities

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    What are disadvantages to living in cities? Are the disadvantages greater than the advantages?

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    Disadvantages to living in cities vs. living in other areas are highly dependent on your point-of-view. One disadvantage to living in a city is that there is generally a lack of nature. There are large buildings that block your views of natural scenery; you can't see mountains rising from the horizon or the flatness of the ocean beyond. What you see is cement and glass and buildings and people and buses, cars, trains, and airplanes. In addition, city living is very fast-moving and noisy, and in general overloading to our senses. There is cement and asphalt and hard, man-made products and materials vs. a variety of soft and hard, squishy and rough.

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    This solution outlines some disadvantages to living in cities, and considers whether the disadvantages are greater than the advantages.