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Soil and the Effects of Tillage

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How do soil types (sand, silt, clay content) or soil restrictions, such as rockiness or hard pans influence choices related to power source, tillage, and planting equipment? Discuss limitations due to soil features and how a producer might overcome challenges.

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Seedbed preparation depends on soil texture and desired changes in the size of aggregates. In soils with coarse texture, tillage will increase aggregate size, given that it is done when only small pores are filled with water (that is to say when the soil is not completely saturated). This brings up the importance of moisture content in tillage and planting equipment. When tillage is completed with anything other than ideal soil moisture, it will result in smaller aggregates. Tillage must be completed with the correct soil moisture to allow fracturing along the existing soil structural planes. Optimal soil moisture is when soil aggregates and will separate easily when worked without ...

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This solution discusses soil types and soil restrictions. It discusses limitations due to soil features and how to overcome challenges.