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Mexico Population Growth

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Mexico is exhibiting growth similar to the population pyramid on the Mexico Male and Female diagram. Mexico is exhibiting what kind of growth? If Mexico enacted laws to limit the number of children per family (similar to China), how quickly would the country see a reduction in its population size? Why? How does this law fit into this country's culture?

Please provide the answer in approximately 100 words.

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Mexico is exhibiting pyramdial growth. If Mexico enacted laws to limit the number of children per family, the country would need about 15-20 years to see a reduction in population size. Assuming normal birth and death rates, women of child bearing age will produce 1 child per ...

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This solution discusses the population growth in Mexico. It explains what type of growth Mexico is exhibiting. It discusses what would happen to population size if Mexico enacted laws to limit children per family and explains how this law would fit into this country's culture. The explanation is given in 195 words.