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    Population Prediction

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    Sevilla & Somers text. Topic 6, exploration 8b

    8. Consider the formula P = 67.38 ? (1.026)t. If we let P represent the population
    of Mexico in year t where t is the number of years from 1980, confirm that
    this formula gives the same population values as those given in the table in
    Example 6.5.
    b. What would the population in 1990 have been if growth had continued in
    this same pattern?

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    Here it is given that,
    P= 67.38*(1.026)^t
    YEAR:1980 POPULATION IN MILLIONS:67.38; t=0 then P=67.38*(1.026)^0=67.38
    YEAR:1981 POPULATION IN MILLIONS:69.13; t=1 then P=67.38*(1.026)^1=69.13
    YEAR:1982 ...

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    The solution contains the prediction of the population of Mexico using a Growth formula as a function of year.