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Graphs : Regression and Forecasting

Using the following information answer the following questions.

Year Population
1860 379, 994
1870 560, 247
1880 864, 694
1890 1,213, 398
1900 1,485, 053

A) What is the linear regression function for this data? Write all decimal points.

B) What does the model predict for the year 1880, 1910, 1990?

C) Is the actual population in 1880 the same as the model predicts? Why or Why not?

D)Does the prediction for 1910 seem reasonable and consistent with the population values prior to 1910?
Explain. Defend the explanation by commenting about the differences in the population numbers and analyzing them.

H) In California in 1990 the population was 29, 839, 250. what is the prediction of california's population in the long-run?

I) What factors in life could contribute to the population size in 1990? What things could account for the differences in the predicted value and the actual value?

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A graph is analyzed for the purpose of regression and forecasting.