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    Steve McCurry

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    I am writing a paper on the women named Sharbat Gula, she is an afghan girl who became known across the world because of her beautiful eyes.
    Steve McCurry capaviated her beautiful green eyes with his camera. I would like to keep my focus on her. I thought it would good to link Mr. McCurry in my paper.

    Why Mr. McCurry was in Aghanistan? Who is he? Why he was there? Why did he think taking a picture of Sharbut would be interesting for the National Geographic magazine.

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    I would start by taking a look at his website. It has lots of information regarding his Bio and his foundation the URL is:


    National Geographic has also done a biography on him, which might be more helpful because this is where you got the picture and story of the Afghan Girl. The URL for that is:


    I also attached a couple of interviews I found with him regarding this particular picture. These articles come with a full MLA citation.

    I hope these resources help.

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    Steve McCurry's history with Sharbat Gula and the famous photo is assessed and referenced.