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Water Resource Plan

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Pleas help me write a 700-1100 word paper in APA format that includes the following regarding overfishing:
A management and sustainment plan that you think will alleviate the problem.
Any opposing views on the issue.
Other water or land resource problems that might result from the issue.
Any challenges,limitations. or implications of the plan.
How the plan affects the community, considering issues relating to jobs, resources, and lifestyles.

Need to include two references.

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The first step in writing a paper should be an outline. Your problem already includes the issues you should address, so your outline needs to be even more specific. Your subject seems a little too general for the problem you are given. Overfishing affects the entire planet, not just a community. However, if your professor has approved the subject, he/she must intend for you to replace the word "community" with the word "earth" in the last part of the assignment. Or perhaps you have already chosen a specific community. You could then proceed with an outline. For example:

1. Intro - mention the seminal study on overfishing (Worm et al, November 3, 2006, Science, Vol. 314. no. 5800, pp. 787 - 790) which argues all fish stocks worldwide will collapse within fifty years
2. Need for a management plan - if overfishing continues, it will lead to extinction and threaten populations which depend on these species. This could cause further decline of land-based species as these populations try to find alternative sources of protein.
3. Opposing views - Probably the opposition doesn't argue that overfishing is occurring, but rather than there's little we can do about it. The ...

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Public Policy Analysis and Planning

Research any of following Websites as you prepare this assignment: Governmental Accounting Office, located at www.gao.gov , www.publicagenda.org: RAND Corporation, located at http://www.rand.org/; Policy Library, located at http://www.policylibrary.com/; American Enterprise Institute, located at http://www.aei.org; Cato Institute, located at http://www.cato.org; Economic Policy Institute, located at http://www.epi.org/; The Heritage Foundation, located at http://www.heritage.org; or other.
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Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:
(Note: Refer to Appendix 2: The Executive Summary for all criterions)

1. Establish the purpose(s) of the executive summary.
2. Provide the background to the issue.
3. Discuss the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.
4. Provide available federal data.
5. Discuss appropriate economic predictors.
6. Propose at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.
7. Include at least two (2) peer-reviewed references (no more than five [5] years old) from material outside the textbook to support your views. Note: Appropriate peer-reviewed references include scholarly articles and governmental Websites. Do not use open source Websites such as Wikipedia, Sparknotes.com, Ask.com, and similar Websites are not acceptable resources.

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