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    Use of methyl iodide and methyl bromide

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    Bromomethane (Methyl bromide) has been banned internationally as a soil fumigant because of its adverse effects on the ozone layer and its contribution to global warming. Methyl iodide has been proposed as a substitute. Go to http://epa.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/hapindex.html. Look at the fact sheets for methyl bromide and methyl iodide. Based on the fact sheets and other information you find on the Web, do you favor the use of methyl iodide? Explain your answer.

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    The most important factor that has caused researchers to look for an alternative is methyl bromide's greenhouse potential. Methyl iodine is considered much less likely to further ignite global warming. It is quickly destroyed by UV light. You can read ...

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    Safety and environmental considerations surrounding the use of methyl iodide and methyl bromide