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    Writing a Press Release for a Hazardous Substance Release

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    An accidental spill of a hazardous substance has occurred at your facility and a
    worker has been injured, hospitalized and released with a minor burn. You have
    been asked to write a press release explaining the spill incident and facility
    response. Press releases are very succinct, so keep the length to 4 paragraphs

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    The thing you want to keep in mind when crafting a press release is the spin. Your facility doesn't want bad publicity, so you want to make it clear that the spill was an unusual event which you were nonetheless prepared for. At the same time, you don't want to be obviously biased, because the press is going to re-write the information when they publish the story. You want them to pick up on your facility's responsible actions without being overbearing about it. Think like a reporter when writing the press release. Anticipate what they would want to ask you, which is generally what the public would want to know.

    I suggest in your first paragraph that you briefly explain the accident. Such descriptions usually begin with a statement such as "At ...