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    Business and it's effect on pollution and development

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    Determine the ethical implications of businesses polluting in a third world and reasons a business may conduct operations in a third world country. Disregard any standards of pollution control. It has been said that pollution is the price of progress, assess the connections between economic progress and development on the one hand and pollution controls and environmental protection on the other.

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    When speaking of ethics, there are a few different ones to consider. Certainly there are the ethics surrounding damaging the earth, but there are also the ethics of progress and business, as well as the socioeconomic ethics of the needs of the society.

    Third world countries should be allowed to develop to become more prosperous, however, they will be doing so in a time where increased knowledge of the developed world will attempt to possibly hinder progress based on new rules. Does India not have the right to use nuclear power, or coal power to increase its ...

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    Business and it's effects on pollution and development is determined.