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    Rich versus poor countries

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    I plan to write a paper on the environmental impacts of a rich versus a poor country. What factors do I need to examine and how should I compare the factors to the rich versus the poor country.

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    While both rich and poor (or developed and developing - a more technically correct designation) have environmental problems, most are quite different in scope and aspect, but not all....and some of them, even the disparate ones, are related from rich to poor. So, something to look at, and places to do so:
    Population is one aspect that all have in common. Regardless of other things, resource use depends highly on the sheer numbers of people using "stuff". That being said, the amounts and types of stuff used from rich to poor vary a lot, and this is where we begin:
    In poor countries, usually population growth is higher than richer countries (look up "demographic transition" for particulars on why) - the point here is that the nations that are the least equipped to deal with ...

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    Answer discusses some of the fundamental differences between rich (developed) nations and poor (developing) nations. Includes HTML attachment with live reference links.