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    Identifying Environmental Impacts:

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    1. Identify all environmental impacts likely to cause significant impacts and prioritize them in the order of importance, stating clearly the process and factors used in their prioritization.
    2. Research available control measures and recommend at least two options to control pollution, minimize impacts and comply with Singapore regulations.
    3. Recommendations should provide detailed information and data e.g. regulatory requirements, financial costs and benefits and other information to support the proposal.
    4. Also expected to discuss the impact (benefits and problems) of the control measures that have recommended.
    5. Select an industry or type of operation from among the following:
    Electronics and semiconductor industry, printing and laminating services, electroplating and metal finishing, transportation, shipyard, hotel and food service, hospital, research and laboratory operation, commercial building management, water and wastewater treatment, power generation, petrochemical,

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    Solution Summary

    Wastewater treatment facilities today must have control measures. Environmental issues must be prioritized and identified so that control measures can be put in place. A review of factors that impact decisions, cost, and control recommendations.