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Comparing PETA and the WWF Organizations

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Please answer the following:
- What is the mission statement of each organization? Is each organization a grassroots group, nonprofit organization, trade association or professional society?
- When was each organization founded? How many members are associated with the organizations?
- What environmental issues does each organization focus on? Describe two current initiatives of each organization.
- What do you find are the major differences between the two environmental organizations that you have selected?
- How does each organization reflect (or contrast with) your own environmental worldview? Which of the two would you rather get involved with, and why?

The two organizations are:
- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (www.peta-online.org/)
- World Wildlife Fund (www.wwf.org)

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Solution Summary

This solution examines and compares PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Over 900 words of original text and direct quotes from the websites of these organizations are included within the response. The mission statements, goals and objectives of these two organizations are discussed.

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