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Wave Energy Power Systems

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For me to better understand the requirements of wave power, briefly describe the main requirements for a suitable site for each of the following types of wave power system;

a) Fixed shoreline plants

b) Floating offshore systems

Also it would help if you could identify the principal difficulties for each in achieving a significant contribution to national electricity production.

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Step 1
Fixed shoreline plants:
The main requirements are that the fixed shoreline plants should be located between the latitudes of 30degrees and 60 degrees on both hemispheres. The rationale is that the prevailing winds in these zones blow the strongest in winter. These areas experience increased wave activity. Fixed shoreline plants should be sited at places where there is minimum chance for ruining wildlife habitat. Fixed shoreline plants should not be located close to beaches as they have the potential of eroding beaches. Currently, care is taken not to locate fixed shoreline plants where there is recreation activity such as surfing. The site for fixed shoreline plants should be selected in areas where they are not likely to create down-coast erosion problems (a). Also, these plants should be constructed in such places where there is population or factories so that there is demand for ...

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