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Wave Energy Investment

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Can you please help I keep misunderstanding and getting my self confused, I need to summarise the main arguments for and against major investment in wave power systems during the next 25 years, under the following headings.

(i) The match between variations in demand and supply.

(ii) The match between the locations of demand and supply.

(iii) Environmental factors.

(iv) Current development in wave power technologies.

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Step 1
The match between variations in demand and supply:
There is a good match between demand and supply because several large cities, and harbors are located close to the ocean and can harness the power of wave energy. Further, there is a variety of ways in which wave energy can be produced. Investments can be made in installed power plants with hydro turbines to vessels equipped with massive structures that are laid into sea to gather energy This is essential in next 25 years. Appropriate investments help match the demand for energy with supply from wave energy.
The argument against wave energy is that the production of wave energy varies with weather. Particularly, during rough weather there is weak production. This makes it difficult for wave energy to match supply and demand. Also, the supply of wave energy fluctuates with wave behavior leading to mismatch between supply and demand.

Step 2
The match between the locations of demand and supply:
There is good match between locations of demand and supply because ...

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