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Environmental Studies

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1. Begin this part by stating the issue facing our hypothetical community.

2. Present arguments for and against this law being proposed, giving examples of how farmers and developers might react to the proposal.

3. Address the question "Should land use decisions we make today consider the needs of generations which follow us? Why or why not?"

4. State whether you believe that the public, in the form of government, has the right to impose restrictions on individual landowners. State the reasons for your beliefs and directly answer the following critical thinking questions after stating your belief:
* What assumptions am I taking for granted here? Are they clear assumption, relevant and justified?
* What are the consequences of my reasoning?
* From what perspective I am viewing this issue? Is it broad, relevant, and fair perspective?

5. Propose possible feasible compromised to the situation.

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A conservation easement, used for agricultural zoning, is a voluntary agreement between a property owner and a land trust that restricts the owner from selling, giving away the property or sub-dividing the property. Advantages to the owner are; a quick financial gain, tax credits, property protected from development and maintaining the family vision. There are also benefits to the community which include; protecting the environment in the area, creation of public facility for community activities and education, protect a historical attraction and protecting open space. Disadvantages are; Value of the property is reduced, future owners are bound to the easement law, farmer can be easily taken advantage of if they severely need the money and resolving legal problems are costly.

1. Begin this part by stating the issue facing our hypothetical community. .
Urban sprawl is engulfing rural areas and farmland. The need to develop more land to housing developments and shopping malls are directly related to population growth the urban areas are experiencing.

Government regulations, such as land use and zoning, are increasing and landowners are looking for ways to protect their land. McLaughlin contends, "It is also an outgrowth of gradual public disapproval over the economic burdens that government "command and control" land use policies place on landowners."

Landowners are faced with increasing property tax as the surrounding community turns into expensive housing and local schools. The decision becomes, leaving the land dormant or sell out to development (Mulholland, 2004).

2. Present arguments for and against this law being proposed, giving examples of how farmers and developers might react to the proposal.
Farmers are in economic battle along with the rest of the country. Low farm yields from catastrophic weather, high cost of equipment and rising cost of fuel, contribute to the decision of selling land to land trust. Knowing that the land sell to a land trust will ensure the farm vision is an advantage for the farmer or landowner. However, future heirs of the land are also ...

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A hypothetical community presents arguments how farmers and developers react to the needs of future generations. Opinions are given addressing rights to impose restriction on land. Assumptions, reasons, and consequences are stated to justify answers.

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