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    Global Warming: Religious and Scientific Views

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    Compare and contrast the religious and scientific perspective of global warming. Is it a hoax or is it the sign of the times?

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    This is my first post so I hope this is helpful for you. My name is Danielle and I hold a Master of Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management where my focus was Natural Resource Management. I would like to help with this project because I've always been interested in the issue of climate change. My first piece of advice is to keep your report as objective as possible especially when you're talking about religious views. Before you write your report, start with a brief outline where you organize your information into different sections: I. Introduction with Thesis Statement (Introduction to Global Warming, What is it? A brief overview of the religious and scientific views you'll be discussing and then your thesis at the end of this paragraph which will introduce the subsequent sections of your paper.) II. Religious Views (I'll give you a link below to a web site that has lots of religious views on climate change. You choose which religious views you want to focus on. Again, be objective and present the facts. Religion as you know is a controversial topic.) I don't know how long your paper is suppose to be, but maybe you could choose 3 or 4 religions. And depending on your thesis statement you'll have a good idea whether you want to present this from a liberal religious context like more Buddhist, Daoist, Indigenous, or if you want to go more conservative, then the Christian view. III. ...

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    The expert describes some of the religious and scientific views concerning global warming. Is climate change real? This post explains the different ways writers can tackle this problem as well as a variety of resources to use.