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    Privacy protection as it relates to internet convergence

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    Explain how internet convergence, including issues about privacy protection, has affected:

    * Education
    * Business
    * Families
    * Government

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    I would suggest researching how each of these 'categories' uses the internet to its advantage first. Most of us can find the disadvantages easily off of the top of our heads. But, go to your online library for your school (assuming you have one) and review each category and how they use the internet.

    Some search terms you could use: "education internet tools", "government internet resources", etc. You get the idea.

    Here are some thoughts on the categories for you:

    Education: the internet makes it possible for BrainMass to exist. I wouldn't be responding to this request for assistance if it was not for the World Wide Web (and you would be struggling to contact someone in person or over ...

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    The pro's and con's of how internet convergence, including issues about privacy protection, has affected Education, Business, Families, Government are examined.

    By exploring both sides of the story (for each issue), the student is able to respond to discussion questions regarding the topic, or (at the very least) will have a basis for understanding the material.