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    Advertising Analysis

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    Please help in critiquing an advertisement. I have chosen to write about the Fiat ad; TV Ad for Fiat 500 Abarth. You can find it on YouTube. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siWVgAzhFC8

    I'm not sure how to explain examples from the ad that draw inferences from the visual, written, and or spoken cues that were provided.

    I'm not sure how to pinpoint potential credibility issues based upon my reading of the advertisement. By looking for fine print, spin, or unverified claims how can I provide 1-2 examples to support my analysis?

    Finally, how can I point out instances of generalization, exaggeration, or scare tactics in this ad?

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    The underlying theme of this commercial is the same theme that has been bouncing around the advertising community for years: men are powerless to sex.
    The commercial opens with a man walking down the street holding a coffee. By the way he is dressed, the viewer infers that he is a geek or a nerd, someone who is very inexperienced with women and sex. Soon, a beautiful woman catches his eye. He freezes, watching her fix her shoe. She catches him looking, and approaches him, speaking harshly in a foreign language. Based on her body language, we assume that she is berating him for staring at her behind. He quickly turns into stone, powerless against her. She soon realizes her power, and turns her anger into ...

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    Advertising analysis is examined in the solution. The instances of generalization are provided.