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    Independent film origins are discussed briefly.

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    This solution exemplifies two film movements that provided the impacts upon the development and evolution of independent cinema.

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    When briefly assessing the evolution of independent cinema, I regard the New American Cinema movement with its highly lyrical, poetic, experimental approach as pivotal in the development of these films.

    One source also concurs:

    GEHRING, WES D. "New American Cinema." USA Today Magazine 142.2820 (2013): 71. Academic Search Complete. Web. 16 June 2016.
    Experts reveal how this movement was influential in the fact that "Instead of the traditional admirable hero, these films showcased antiheroes--fascinating characters, but not individuals with which a viewer necessarily would identify. Also, instead of a normal narrative, these movies were more about slice-of-life existences" (71). In sum, New American Cinema "ended with realistic honesty, such as Dennis Hopper's "Easy Rider" (1969) or Roman Polanski's "Chinatown" (1974)" (71).

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