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    Joe Pesci's Contributions to the Film Industry

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    This solution outlines the career of Joe Pesci, highlights his achievements, and summarizes his contributions to the film industry. Included in this solution:
    * biographic information, including clues to his educational background
    * filmography
    * industry relationships
    * achievement highlights
    * contributions to the film industry
    * helpful web links
    * a great book citation

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    Joe Pesci Bio Assistance

    There are two great resources for biographic information regarding actors. The first is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). You can go to www.imdb.com and look up Mr. Pesci. Then click on the biography link to access his information. Be careful on IMDb, like Wikipedia, anyone can submit information, so you will need to validate the material by checking the data against a reliable source.

    The second resource, which I used to validate information from IMDb, is "The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (Updated and Expanded)" by David Thomson. Mr. Thomson does a great job analyzing, critiquing, and romanticizing the careers of thousands of actors and directors. This latest edition was updated in 2010 and contains good information about Pesci and the people he's worked with repeatedly, such as Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese.

    Now let's review Joe Pesci. To comply with the response standards here at Brainmass, I'm going to give you some facts, and then I'll add my personal opinion about his works and achievements.

    Joe Pesci:
    Born: February 9, 1943 in Newark, New Jersey
    Background: Italian American
    Industry Break: Child actor
    1950s: Starred in the series, "Star Time Kids"
    1960s: Created a vaudeville comedy act with Frank Vincent; Worked as an extra and
    was uncredited in several films; Musician for "The Lucy Show" (uncredited)
    1976: Played Joe in The Death Collector: This role gained Pesci attention in the
    industry and resulted in his casting in Raging Bull.
    1980: Played Joey LaMotta in Raging Bull (dir. Martin Scorsese)

    *You can view his entire filmography at IMDb, so I'm going to highlight his best roles starting at this point.

    1983: Nicky Cerone in Easy Money, opposite Rodney Dangerfield
    1984: Played Frankie Manoldi in Sergio Leone's Once ...

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    This solution outlines the career of Joe Pesci, highlights his achievements, and summarizes his contributions to the film industry. This is a 3-page, 1,200 word document with 2 web links and one book citation.