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Visual basic code

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Attached is a form using visual basic. The user should be able to choose a class and a location of the class with the list boxes I have provided. The location and the class should show up in the third list box named list of costs. Once that is done you should click the calculate button and the price of the class should pop up in the text box I have provided. Here is a list of the costs.

Handling stress $595.00 for the class and it is a 3 day class
Time Management $695.00 for the class and it is a 3 day class
Supervision Skills $995.00 for the class and it is a 3 day class
Negotiation $1,295.00 for the class and it is a 5 day class
How to Interview $395.00 for the class and it is a 1 day class.

For the Location the form should calculate the # of days for the class X the lodging fees for the city. Here are a list of lodging fees for the different cities.

Austin $95.00
Chicago $125.00
Dallas $110.00
Orlando $100.00
Phoenix $92.00
Raleigh $90.00

So for example I want to take the class of "negotiation" and I choose "Chicago" as my location. The form should calculate the $1295.00 for the cost of the class and then 5 days X $125.00 per day. This total of $1920.00 should appear in the total cost text box provided.


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