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Fixing the Calculation: "BreakPoint"

See the attached files.

I don't want you to start new program, just work on what I have already started. Thank you in advance

FIX the calculation part in Form1 you will see the "BreakPoint"

The solution supposed output gross profit for the current item by subtracting the cost from the sales price. The total inventory at cost is calculated by multiplying the cost by the quantity on hand. The program should display these output values whenever tile user locates a different record, or updates a record.

Format the calculated values as currency which includes trailing zeros; clearing the control used to display the calculated values when the Add menu Item is clicked.

Also could you add a message Box that asks "are you sure you want to delete" when the user wants to delete a file and give two choices YES or NO, You don't have to do this but if you can do any enhancement to the program I will greatly appreciated

I have also attached "Field Name and profit.doc" which is what the output should look a like.


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