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A Visual Basic 2005 application to calculate movie rental fees and due dates

I have to recreate a Visual Basic 2005 application to calculate movie rental fees and due dates. My visual basic install tanked and Im trying to open my project in the new install and telling me it does not contain references. Also, I was having trouble dimming the textbox as a date. please i need help!

Create a form with the following objects labeled appropriately:
Rental Date (date/time picker)
Due Date (read-only text box, formatted as Date)
Rental Type (radio buttons for New Release, Older Movie, Oldest, and Boring)
Frequent Renter Club? (check box)
Rental Charge (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
Number of Days (read-only text box)
Frequent Renter Discount (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
Total (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
Calculate button (initiates calculations)
Reset button (sets all fields back to original values)
Exit button with confirmation from the user
Rental charges and number of days allowed
New Release, $3.50, 1 day
Older Movie, $2.50, 3 days
Oldest and Boring, $1.00, 5 days
Rental charge will display above values depending on which type of movie is selected.
Number of Days will display the number of days allowed for the movie depending on the type selected.
Due Date will display the date the movie is due to be returned
Total is rental charge less a 10% discount if the renter is a member of the Frequent Renter Club.
Read-only fields should only be updated when either the calculation or reset button is pressed. Do not use content update event handlers for these updates.
Do not allow the user to resize the form.
Remove minimize, maximize, and close buttons from the title bar.