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Internet Phone and PBX

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An interesting emerging market is using Internet phone and a company's high speed LAN to replace the same company's PBX. Write a (one page report) on this issue. Cover the following questions in your report:

a. What is a PBX?

b. Consider a call between a user in the company and another user out of the company who is connected to a traditional telephone network. What sort of technology is needed at the interface between the LAN and the traditional telephone network?

c. In addition to Internet phone software and the interface in Part b (above) what else is needed to replace the PBX?

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Solution Summary

The solution is a discussion about what a PBX is and how the Internet Phone is using networking technology to replace the PBX technology. This solution is found in the attached Word document in 319 words with an illustration of phone systems and three online references.

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