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Formation Of SQL Queries And Displaying Data In Views

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See attach file for details and charts.

1. Define a view named CustOrder. It consists of the customer number, name, balance, order number, and order date for all orders currently on file. Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results. Display the data in the view.

2. Create a view named OrdTot. It consists of the order number and order total for each order currently on file. (The order total is the sum of the number ordered multiplied by the quoted price on each order line for each order.) Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results. Display the data in the view.

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This solution helps with a problem regarding SQL queries.

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Rep_Num Last_Name First_Name Street City State Zip Commission Rate
20 Kaiser Valerie 624 Randall Grove FL 33321 $20,542.50 0.05
35 Hull Richard 532 Jackson Sheldon FL 33553 $39,216.00 0.07
65 Perez Juan 1626 Taylor Fillmore FL 33336 $23,487.00 0.05
Premiere Products Database
Table: Rep

Table: Customer

CustomerNum CustomerName Street City State Zip Balance CreditLimit
148 Al's Appliance and Sport 2837 Greenway Filmore FL 33336 $6,550.00 $7,500.00
282 Brookings Direct 3827 ...

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